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12:03 p.m. - Sunday, March 1, 2009
So what have I been up too????
I guess I haven�t been around and this is due to a couple reasons, the first being scrapbooking, I�ve begun to sell scrapbooking supplies and I have really gotten into it. I have joined a couple scrapbooking sites and so they tend to take up my time. I am however beginning to miss my writing and friends here. The second thing that has been in the way is as my parents and mother in law get older they need more attention and care and I do all this stuff with and for them so that takes some time. I have also been dabbling in photography and have been trying to practice to get better. So needless to say my computer time has been cut down quite abit.
I have had so much going on here that I am looking forward to spring because the first six weeks of this year hasn�t been very good. Back in Dec. my very close friend�s dad passed away and it was really tough. That was the week between Christmas and New Years.
Then the first Sat. in Jan. our wonderful family furry friend of 14 years passed away. It was really really hard to say good bye to her but something happened and she couldn�t use her hind legs so I couldn�t let her suffer so we sadly said good bye to our faithful companion the first Sat. in Jan.
Next I had some deep pain in my leg nothing horrible but it hurt and I thought it was a pulled ligament or tendon or something. It got worse through the week, and Thurs. morning Donny boy said �you know have you thought it could be a blood clot?� I called the doc Friday morning , I was in to have an ultra sound by 1:30 and admitted to the hospital by 3. She put me on IV Heprin for 5 days and then let me come home 5 days later. I got to take it easy for a week before the next shoe dropped�
I had just gotten back to normal when my friend passed away. I miss her soo much. So I went to her memorial service about a week from when she passed.. All the while my Aunt Jane, who I wasn�t real close too was in the hospital. I had planned on going to see her on Friday when I found out she would be coming home to die, so I went out to see her and offer support to my brother and sisterinlaw who I am very very close to some moral support and to help out when or where ever I could. I spend Friday out there and all day Sat. and had told my sister who is in charge of her care that I would come out and be with her while Jack and Laurie had to work. Well that was short lived because when I had decided to spend the night because I offered to watch Andrew while Laurie worked and Jack worked on Sunday so I said ahh I�ll just stay and then go home Sunday evening. Well� we were going in every so often and she was resting peacefully thanks to the atavan and morphine. We went in to turn her and move her pillow and give her the next dose of medicine after I we were done with that we were talking to her and she took her last breath. At first it was sort or surreal and not really happening.. like she was going to take another breath in a second� she never did. It was very sad. We had all told her we loved her and she went. Her wish was to not die alone in a facility so Jack insisted she come home to die and she did with us around her. It was peaceful, hard but peaceful. So any way there was then a funeral the next week two days after my friend Joanne�s. I had enough for that week.
Those events seemed to end the whole crappy first couple months of my year. I was sorta just wanting to move on to spring. I�m hoping that nothing more happens this year. I told my parents and my motherinlaw that they can�t even think about getting sick this year. Although my Dad through the whole thing had pancreatitus and will be getting scoped the 20th of March and will most likely have to have his gall bladder out. I usually run my parents to their appointments well not so much Dad when he comes to town here to go to his reg doc, but when he goes to Erie to the hospital, which is the closest VA hospital to us. So I�m sure we will be running there at least a few more times before this is taken care of.
I�ve also been running my motherin law to the wound clinic every Wed. for care of her ankle where she has a pressure ulcer. She says she got it from when they bound her feet when she had her surgery which was over a year ago� we all know she didn�t have it that long� oyy!! Maybe the last time she was in which was last summer which would make more sense. She might have even bumped it and didn�t realize she did any damage, old skin is so tender.
This is what I have been doing , I�ve also been scrapbooking for therapy to keep my sanity. 
I hope things have been going well with any of my friends who read this.
Always Remember and Never Forget�. if

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