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10:15 p.m. - Tue., Aug. 26, 2008
You never know what the day holds!!!
I know I haven�t been writing much over the last few years. My kids have grown up and both are off to college this year� We took our Paul for his first year at Pitt a week ago today and then we took Kay back last Sat. I keep saying we have old people house now. HUMM sounds a lot like a disease huh? Yesterday was the first day of just me the dog and now our sweet little kitten that I really think unless someone decides to adopt him and make him a house kitty I will be keeping him as an outdoor kitty; which means more vet bills. OYY!!!!

I have been trying really hard not to have a repeat of the weight gain that I had when Kay went off to school for her first year. Worry is such an unproductive waste of time. I can�t imagine why I would ever do it. I am pretty good at it though.

What I�m trying to say and not doing very is that I have had one heck of a day. You know there are mornings you get up with a million things to do and then there are few more heaped on but nothing you can�t handle.. well here is how my day went�

I got up about 8:15 and was making my breakfast when the phone rang and it was my mother in law asking if I could come change her colostomy appliance because of a defective bag so I gobbled my cereal, I had already poured the milk, then headed over there to take care of that, thinking I had some time to get the beauty shop cleaned up and put back together from scrap night last night. I get back and see a spot where the dog was laying last night and I thought OHHH GRRRR the dog peed on the floor because her arthritis and hips have gotten so bad she couldn�t get up. Well that wasn�t quite it, but I didn�t know it at the time so I cleaned it up and left a nice clean spot on my carpet! *** I think I need to clean my carpet!***

Next up was work,, I got the shop cleaned up in time for my 10:30 and this lady inspires me so much she lost her husband but instead of feeling sorry for herself she sold her house and moved to a retirement community in town and has had the world by the tail ever since and I haven�t seen her look better in years! So I am trying to take a lesson from her and decided to embark on a new adventure in house cleaning and life organization and scrapping and my scrapbooking business. I am trying really hard to be positive about having more time with the kids off to college now but sometimes I get so melancholy mostly when I�m tired but anyhow back to my day,,, I was all positive this morning and then well it took a turn for the most disgusting I have ever had to deal with��

If you are squeamish you may not want to read the next paragraph�..

I noticed that my old dog�s backside needed clipped again so she wouldn�t stink, especially after seeming to leave wetness behind every time she laid down. I get done working about 2 and the afternoon was nice and the deck was shaded so I got my clippers out and what I found was so ewweeeyyy that it�s hard to even write the words� but I found a sore on my poor doggy that was full of maggots�. OHH MY GOSH!!!! It was horrible� and I do mean horrible� they were everywhere and sooo gross that I just can�t even begin to tell you there were bunches of them so I just kept clippering her and cleaning her skin with shampoo water and peroxide until I didn�t see any more. OHHH They were so horrible.. it makes me sick thinking about them.

After I got her all clipped and the sore spots cleaned and whatnot I called my friend and freaked out about them to her and asked her if she would please stop by and check her out to make sure everything was good and that I had done everything right. She stopped and said ohh you sure did shave her good, I told her I was rather freaked out. My doggy�s back quarters and legs and bottom of her tail is all naked. Hahaha sorta like a funny looking poodle only have groomed� hahahahaha She said it wasn�t may fault that sometimes this happens with old dogs because she lays a lot and gets pressure sores (bed sores) and since it was so nice and cool and the wind was blowing I was letting her spend time outside and it only takes a couple of flies to find a hot spot to lead to an infestation. Her Newfoundland had it happen to him and she said she said she did the same thing so I didn�t feel as bad.

So I don�t know how much longer we can expect to have her around she can�t walk or get up without help and I said when she began not being able to go potty outside it was time to say goodbye to her, but I just can�t seem to do it.. so I help her with a towel sling under her belly to help take the pressure off her hips.

I am going to call the vet tomorrow and see if there is something he can give her for her hips, and if not I don�t think she will be around very long because I think she is suffering. Sigh�

On the bright side I think I will be keeping this sweet little male kitty that has adopted us, he will be outside but he is sweet.

Well it is late and I have had a heck of a day!

Always remember and Never Forget�. Each day is filled with promise lets just hope we see the good ones!!!!

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